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Fitchwork is a collaborative design studio working across architecture, fashion and product design. Driven by an obsession with pattern, the studio combines geometric research with novel design and fabrication tools to create radical-yet-rational forms READ MORE

Fitchwork Pop Up Shop Installation Design

Superpattern Pop-up

Drawing on geometry, textile design and modern fabrication processes, Superpattern is a collection of 3D weaves applied to a range of customizable, made-to-order objects.The line consists of eight fundamental forms—a ring, a cuff, a bracelet, a necklace, ... read more

Brass cast lamp design iterations

Cast Lamp

This series of lamp profiles was produced for the artist and furniture maker Chuck Moffit, as a component in his show With the Promise of Nectar. The language of the different designs is a sort of future nouveau, forms that ve... read more

tractor seat form variations

Tractor Stool

Iterative designs that play upon a traditional, milled end-grain tractor seat—building on its original form to recontextualize the seat as a contemporary bar stool. The different versions maintain the seat profile, but incorporate a series of organic, natural branc... read more

minimal surface form stack hand

Form Box

Developed in collaboration with The Bureau of Objects, Form Box is a speculative subscription to form itself. Each issue includes a consistent set of iterative forms, presented in the manner of a chocolate box, that explore... read more