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Fitchwork is a collaborative design studio working across architecture, fashion and product design. Driven by an obsession with pattern, the studio combines geometric research with novel design and fabrication tools to create radical-yet-rational forms READ MORE

Superpattern Pop-up

Superpattern Pop-up

Drawing on geometry, textile design and modern fabrication processes, Superpattern is a collection of 3D weaves applied to a range of customizable, made-to-order objects.The line consists of eight fundamental forms—a ring, a cuff, a bracelet, a necklace, ... read more

catskills lookout tower architecture circulation studies travis fitch fitchwork

Catskills Lookout

A multistory lookout pavilion orchestrated to the different cardinal views of a unique site in the Catskills. Starting with a pond-side lookout on the ground floor, the pavilion corkscrews between a series of different viewing windows, end... read more

Projection Pod Section Drawings

Projection Pod

Studies for a viewing pod that test different configurations for an emmersive sensory experience. The range of concepts explore different quantities and relationships of people, ergonomic configurations, structural systems, lighting arrays and the  hemispherical pr... read more

ferry terminal design architecture approach by boat

Civic Canopy

Civic Canopy is an open, expansive timber roof that overlays and links greenscape, hardscape, and waterscape covering vehicle drop off, ferry boarding area, park zones and water inlets. Like the tree canopy it intersects, it offers shade in the summer months and direct s... read more